The Diagnosis Of TMJ Syndrome

When a doctor begins the process of diagnosing a patient for TMJ syndrome, one of the first things that the doctor will do is perform a medical exam as well as complete the medical history of the patient. However, there is not a particular test that is used in the diagnosis of the disorder. The doctor may refer the patient to a specialist who deals with these types of disorders. The patient may be asked to see a dentist (specializes in disorders of the jaw), an otolarynologist ( an ear, nose and throat doctor), or an oral and maxillofacial specialist. All of these specialists can help to confirm the initial diagnosis.

An MRI can also be ordered to determine if there is any damage to the cartilage in the jaw or the temporomandibular joint. The MRI will also help to determine if there are other issues that have not been diagnosed.


There is a condition that has similar signs and symptoms. This condition is known as trigeminal neuralgia. This nerve provides the nerve impulses that are sent to the temporomandibular joint. When this nerve becomes irritated, the result can be severe facial pain. It is not uncommon for facial pain to be the result of glands that are swollen, sore throat, strep throat, properly fitting dentures, braces or salivary gland disease.

So is there a treatment for TMJ syndrome? Do natural remedies provide pain relief from TMJ?

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Fortunately, there are many symptoms related to TMJ disorder that respond positively to home or natural remedies. Stress reduction techniques and other techniques for relaxation have also shown to be beneficial. There are several natural remedies that have the ability to provide relief.

Placing ice packs over the affected area (cold packs)

Over the counter medication such as Motrin and other ant-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs – naproxen products such as Aleve

Eating foods that are soft and not chewing gum

Facial exercises and massages (may be prescribed by a physical therapist or a doctor)

Techniques for stress reduction

When these methods are not effective in treating the symptoms, medical intervention may be required. Some of these treatments and therapies include:

Bite guard or dental splint – dental appliance that helps to prevent teeth grinding. Similar to a mouth guard and fitted by a specialist

Botox – helps to relax the jaw muscles. Not yet FDA approved for this type of treatment

Physical therapy – helps to strengthen the muscles of the jaw

In states where marijuana has become legalized, some doctors may prescribe it for the severe pain related to TMJ. However, when cases become severe, surgery may be the only acceptable remedy. The procedure is minimally invasive, but in some cases, a joint replacement may be necessary.

During recovery, the patient may be prescribed pain relief medications, muscle relaxers and/or steroids.

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Constipation and natural laxatives


Constipation is a disorder characterized by a decrease of the emission of feaces. It is correct to speak of constipation when the evacuation of the feces is less than 2-3 times a week. It is recommended to talk  to your doctor when these disorders appear or worsen suddenly.


The causes

If an underlaing illness is not the primary cause of constipation,than it might due to poor eating habits especially for women and the elderly.

The lack of fiber due to increasingly refined foods, sedentary lifestyle, and inadequate intake of water makes this disorder become chronic and become increasingly widespread.


Chronic constipation can be the cause of many diseases: anal fissures, hemorrhoids and diverticulitis not to mention the fact that the chronic inflammation of the anus or colon can cause cancer.

Prevention and remedies

Constipation should be prevented by increasing the intake of fibers that are present particularly in some foodslike: bread and pasta, cooked and raw vegetables (artichokes, spinach), legumes (peas, beans) and fruit. You can balance the right amount of fiber provided by food by adding 2-3 tablespoons of bran powder to milk, soup, yogurt. It is important to carry out more physical activity daily, learn to evacuate at set times where you can relax and take a squatting position. It is recommended to avoid the abuse of laxatives. Learn more

In pregnant women after the sixth month, constipation is very common due to compression of the intestine by the fetus. If the proper nutrition and adequate physical activity are not sufficient to solve the problem may be necessary to use laxatives containing mucilage (psyllium, flaxseed).

Constipation in children is almost exclusively due to poor eating habits (cow’s milk is not diluted, early weaning, milk powder). You can solve the problem by adding vegetable broth and olive oil to his/her meals. If the tips above should reveal insufficient before calling the pediatrician you could try using microclimates with mallow and chamomile or glycerin suppositories.

In the elderly constipation it’s more common because several causes can add up: use of several drugs, moderate physical activity, unhealthy diet with little chewing, long periods of inactivity in bed.

If constipation is not caused by intestinal diseases, neurological disorders, gynecological, as a result of operations or hernias, you can use common laxatives (mucilage of psyllium or flaxseed) or softeners such as lactulose syrup. Of couse the options mentioned above should be tried when already recommended dietary and lifestyle measures have not proved sufficient. Laxatives  with irritating mechanism are not recommended from vegetable or synthetic origine and the saline ones either.

Advice of the pharmacist

Constipation is an annoying discomfort that can be solved in most cases with a correct lifestyle and an adequate nutritional supply. If you need to use laxatives it is best to turn to the common products containing lactulose or supplements rich in fiber.

Caution  when using laxatives such as:

  • Contact or irritant (bisacodyl, boldo, gentian, calamus, , Rheum) because addictive and tolerance.
  • Saline because salt can cause water and sodium retention.

You can use the traditional enemas (water and oil), only in certain situations and under medical advice. Laxatives which basicilly reduce the intestinal transit time, may decrease the absorption of other drugs when they are administered simultaneously and are taken orally. It is therefore advisable to spend at least 2 to 3 hours between taking the drug and the laxative.

Results of the pilot study on the monitoring of adverse reactions to herbal products “drug information bulletin” n. 5-6 2003 anthraquinone laxatives (senna, aloe rheum, buckthorn, cascara).

There were three reports of adverse reactions consisting of abdominal colic, electrolyte imbalances with arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation and colon pseudomonas in patients taking herbal preparations containing anthraquinone against constipation.

Such reactions are actually totally predictable and are related to the abuse or prolonged use of anthraquinone laxatives. As pointed out in a recent ministerial note, the use of these products can also be found in medicinal products registered, it should be reserved for episodic constipation or bowel preparation for radiological or endoscopic examinations, as it should be contraindicated in chronic constipation.

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How To Have Perfect Hair In 10 Minutes

We are going to reveal the tricks you should definitely try. The hair are an indispensable element of our beauty because it frames the face and thanks to styling , is the first element of our appearance that reveals the true personality of each of us . And with the right hairstyle , hair can also become an important tool of seduction ! To feel beautiful , though, you must treat the hair good, fortifying them and making them appear silky . Let’s see what are the secrets to counter lack of volume or brilliance and have perfect hair in minutes. Stay tuned !


Want to know how to have perfect hair every morning ? Let’s start with washing. Always use warm water and not hot . Pour in the palm of one hand the right amount of shampoo , close your palms with each other and heat the product rubbing them . Lay it on the skin with circle movements that will activate the microcirculation . Start at the nape , move to the sides and come up to the front . Pay attention to the rinse cycle because is very important to remove any residual product that would otherwise weigh down to the hair . Apply conditioner only on the tips , wait a minute and rinse . Remember that a good result depends largely on how you wash your hair . Do not try to accelerate this step or you risk not being able to prepare in time , losing your appointment or by making your partner wait too much , which will make you feel guilty for the rest of the evening !


With the washing you have lost at least 4 of your minutes but do not fear, we’ll explain how to speed up the styling and have perfect hair in the morning. If you only have ten minutes, we are going to suggest you a moved styling without plate or iron.
It is particularly suitable for the summer look but gives you a cool look and elegant at the same time. In an emergency, when you can not completely dry, remember that the wet effect is very trendy nowadays. Apply on the tips a littlehair mousse for curly hair and take the hair dryer; apply the diffuser and select the jet of hot air. In drying the hair, concentrate on the root to prevent a bad stiff neck while if the lengths will be a little ‘wet, no problem you will look great. For perfect hair in summer move the hair dryer in a circular fashion to facilitate the formation of soft waves. When finished, apply a fixative spray to ensure a tight fit to your hair. And voila the ten minutes have already passed and you are ready to go out!

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When is wisdom teeth extraction inevitable?

Often your dentist will suggest wisdom teeth extraction as soon as possible.
The extraction of wisdom teeth can be done for disease prevention or to cure the already established oral disease.
In the first case a wisdom tooth can be extracted to save the correct position and alignment of other teeth, reducing the risk for malocclusion or misalignment. Also early extraction of wisdom teeth immediately after their eruption is recommended from the dentist to limit eventual risks and complications that can arise if the extraction is done in adult age after the tooth is completely formed.


For therapeutic purpose, instead the wisdom tooth extraction is indispensable in the following situations.

Crowded teeth
This condition requires for wisdom teeth extraction because there is a difficulty keeping the daily oral hygiene and they can interfere with the normal mastication.

Adjacent tooth corrosion
An impacted wisdom tooth pushes the adjacent teeth root creating inflammation and pain. And sometimes the extraction becomes inevitable.

Serious infection of the wisdom tooth, decay, pulpitis, tooth abscess or granuloma
In these cases the tooth extraction becomes the only plausible solution. Fillings or root canal treatment are sometimes excessive treatment for a wisdom tooth.

Dental inclusion
Often wisdom tooth eruption is blocked, and it gets trapped in the jaw bone. This condition exposes the tooth to the risk of infection, cysts or tooth abscess.

Gingival inflammation
It can be caused from the abnormal eruption of the wisdom tooth, or its inclusion. The lack of hygiene near these areas can cause inflammation of the gum that sometimes is very painful.

Chronic headache
Its provoked from the pressure that the wisdom tooth exercises on other teeth, or nearby anatomical structures of the jaws.

Dental pericoronaritis
A partial erupted wisdom tooth can cause a gum inflammation that can be very painful. Sometimes to get relieve from wisdom teeth pain the only solution is its extraction.

Fracture or the chipping of the wisdom tooth


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7 Ways to eat less salt without giving up from flavor

Are you searching for a solution on how to reduce the daily use of salt without sacrificing the flavor of foods? Here are some suggestions to follow a healthy alimentation and with more flavor.

splilled salt

Salt to taste? But how much is enough?
Is difficult to reduce salt usage if you don’t know the right amount. The World Health Organization recommends to limit the daily intake of salt in 5 gram, the equivalent amount there is in a full tea spoon. Keeping in mind this quantity will help you understand if you are using more salt than needed. For customized indications on salt intake is better to consult with the proper physician.

Shop smart
Is sufficient being more attentive to what you choose to buy?
To understand which food are rich or poor with salt you should read the labels. You can find tasteful food with enough salt in it.

Cook with less salt
“Flavor with a pinch of salt” is a phrase you find often in different cooking recipes, but using the salt shaker is a very common habit. Why risk doubling the dose? Even if salt can facilitate the cooking of some kind of foods, it’s not such a bad idea avoiding salt use during preparation and let everyone flavor their meal as they wish.

Explore cooking recipes with low contents of salt
Nowadays in the Smartphone era it’s not difficult to search the internet for recipes with low salt and a lot of taste.

Try before using the salt shaker
Do we really need that bit of extra salt in every dish? For a lot of people shaking the salt shaker is an automatic action, a sort of pre-meal ritual. So before repeating it, at least try the dish in front of you, if it tastes good or not so you don’t have to put extra salt in it. Probably you will notice the difference.

Learn to appreciate low salt flavor
In the end you just have to educate your palate.
You can reduce the intake of salt without fear because your papillae get used easily. A lot of food companies have start to use less salt in their products. One example is Nestle. Why? To give consumers the time to accustom with the flavor evolution, and helping them to adapt their preferences for a long time.

Discover new flavors
New spices and new aromas.
Salt it’s not the only ingredient that can add flavor to food. Explore new spices that can replace salt and can combine perfectly with your favorite dish.

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Sparkling water

Sparkling water is a mineral water particularly rich with carbon dioxide. Sometimes its famous bubbles represent a natural characteristic but usually it’s an artificially added characteristic. In this case the bubbles are created by adding carbon bioxide (also called CO2 , carbon dioxide or E290).

sparkling water
The same way as normal mineral water, sparkling water has no calories. Beyond its organoleptic characteristics that are or are not pleasant, its bubbles stimulate taste receptors, till they almost numb them giving this way a freshening sensation. This is the main reason why some people find sparkling water more refreshing than normal water even if this particular effect is just temporary.
If you drink sparkling water before eating your meal, it dilates the gastric wall and reduces the appetite. If you drink sparkling water during meals, the dilations of the stomach walls instead stimulates the secretion of gastric juice helping you with digestion.
Some people and some personal trainer prefer to avoid the use of sparkling water because of its acidity, because if you normally have a diet rich in acidic foods like Mediterranean diet, these will favor the loss of minerals and the onset of osteoporosis, tooth decay, weakness and general discomfort.
Sparkling water should not be used if you suffer from gastritis or gastro esophageal reflux, as it could accentuate the burning and acidity typical in these diseases. The same should do also the people who suffer from colitis or the inflammation of diverticula and have bloating although the reason for its prohibition is different.

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